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THGL Series - Glass Temperature High Limit Thermostat

THGL Series - Glass Temperature High Limit Thermostat


  • Precision Thermistor
  • Various Configurations Available
  • Selection of Enclosures
  • Relay Output with Adjustable Setpoint

Categories: Temperature, Miscellaneous, High Limit Thermostats, Greystone


The single point glass temperature thermostat incorporates a precision thermistor temperature sensor and provides a Form C relay output (NO/NC) with an adjustable setpoint. The sensor is encapsulated in a 31.75mm L x 9.525mm W x 9.525 mm H (1.25” x .375” x .375”) Aluminum probe. Standard wire length is 600 mm (24”). All probes are constructed to provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and are potted to resist moisture penetration. A weatherproof Polycarbonate enclosure is included for ease of installation.