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THSO Series - Strap-On High Limit Thermostat

THSO Series - Strap-On High Limit Thermostat


Precision Thermistor
Various Configurations Available
Selection of Enclosures
Relay Output with Adjustable Setpoint

Categories: Temperature, High Limit Thermostats


The single point strap-on temperature thermostat incorporates a precision thermistor temperature sensor and provides a Form C relay output (NO/NC) with an adjustable setpoint. The sensor is encapsulated to a 38 mm x 38 mm (1.5”x 1.5”) aluminum plate and adhered to a 38 mm x 25.4 mm (1.5 x 1“) compressible foam. A 254 mm (10”) S/S Pipe clamp is provided to secure the assembly to various sizes of pipe. All probes are constructed to provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and are potted to resist moisture penetration. A weatherproof Polycarbonate enclosure with a hinged and gasketed cover is provided for ease of installation.